Iranian film: Fish and Cat (2013)

Fish and Cat (Mahi va Gorbeh)
Iran 2013, 134’
directed by Shahram Mokri

“A group of friends prepare for an annual kite contest in a remote area. They're camping by a lake and there is only one restaurant for miles around, though the owner's a bit odd...
The film ingeniously exploits the limitations of shooting in a single take with the camera alternating between leads and the various non-linear storylines. Fish and Cat is Shahram Mokri's own twist on American genre conventions with a generous shot of humour. The horror soundtrack in particular makes the film unexpectedly exciting.”
“All mise-en-scene and no montage? No problem. The pic manages to be both narrative and nonlinear as the camera’s complex choreography creates fissures in time, piling on stories within stories that trap viewers in an increasingly ominous, often repetitive nightmare. [...]
Throughout the film, Mokri plays with various forms of narration. Sometimes, for no particular reason, we gain access to the thoughts of different characters, yet these thoughts are rarely pertinent to the situation at hand. Instead, they further serve the helmer’s intent of bending time and often add a dose of humor.
Despite being overlong and a tad too talky, “Fish & Cat” is perversely compelling. Like Mokri’s debut feature, “Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and Other Stories,” it experiments with nonlinear narrative, thriller elements and point of view, here pushing them to the nth degree.”