The forgotten films of Valerio Zurlini, among others

To organize a retrospective international cooperation is recommendable, because you need prints and some attention among your peers.
Furthermore, you need financial support and you need an audience.

The retrospective of Valerio Zurlini in The Netherlands, held in april 2006 was exemplary in all aspects.
In The Netherlands originally were only three films of Valerio Zurlini commercialy released:
After 1978 the fame of Zurlini (1926-1982) shrunk to the limit of almost oblivion. But then, his international triumphant come back started in 2000 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York , where some of his films were shown in a program titled ‘A Quiet Storm: The Cinema of Valerio Zurlini’.
The Dutch retrospective of april 2006 was named “De vergeten films van Valerio Zurlini”, and was organised by Filmhuis Den Haag in cooperation with the Cinecittà Holding (Rome) and Instituo Italiano di Cultura per i Paesi Bassi.
Eight films were shown in five film theatres (Filmhuis Den Haag, Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam, Filmmuseum Amsterdam, ’t Hoogt Utrecht, Plaza Futura Eindhoven).
The retrospective was supported by the Dutch Film Fund, het VSB-fonds, Gemeente Den Haag and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.
This retrospective was inspired by the presentation in 2004 at the festival of Edinburgh of the complete oeuvre of Zurlini.
Since 2006, some of the films of Valerio Zurlini were released on dvd, but none of them were shown on the big screen. This is sad, but it is also typical.
Question: does it proof that cinema classics are first of all part of a niche market in the dvd business?
And to finish with a lament: there are so many forgotten films out there, which are not even available on dvd.
For instance the films of directors like Elio Petri (1929-1982) and even the famous Francesco Rosi (1922 - ) ...