Additional Notes

In June 2015 my book about film programming was released: Film Programming: Curating for Cinemas, Festivals, Archives, publishedby Wallflower Press (London)/Columbia University Press (New York) in their series ‘Short Cuts’. The series ‘Short Cuts’ has a reasonable limit of 40,000 words. Initially, to compose a text of this range sounded to me like an enormous task but in practice I had to condense and restrict the content I had in mind. It was a satisfying learning experience because a well-balanced conciseness makes every message stronger. However, there are still some matters to complete and even only after two years there are new publications and new insights. Therefore, I present some additional texts and references. It is a chance for me to elaborate on some topics concerning film programming.

In the arrangement of my various afterthoughts I follow the chapter structure of my book (see the pdf attached). It is a work in progress. This update is made in the winter of 2016-2017. It has grown into a total of circa 12,000 words. Totally free of charge, but I hope not gratuitous.