Mr. Hadji Cinema Actor (1932)

The Russian/Armenian/Iranian director Ohanians started a film school and made with his students in 1931 the silent comedy ABI AND RABI, which was destroyed in a fire at a cinema. A year later they made another silent film MR. HADJI CINEMA ACTOR.

This comic film was about a religious man who was opposed to the movies. His daughter and son-in-law, both cinema students, began filming him in secret. They then tricked him into going to a theatre, where he saw the film of himself. He applauded both himself and cinema, having become a converted fan of the new technology.” (Mirbakhtyar 2006, 16)
It is difficult to obtain a copy of this film anywhere, the only thing to do is to read the analysis of Hamid Naficy in the first volume of his Social History of Iranian Cinema (2011) and the analysis of Hamid Reza Sadr in his Politcal History of Iranian Cinema (2006).
Based on the information of these studies I would argue to produce a remake of this film, toghether with a biographical film about its director. Apparently, he made a fascinating, comic film and led a fascinating, tragic life.
Haji Agha Actor Cinema Mishavad
(Mr. Hadji Becomes an Actor of Cinema)
Iran, 1932, 100’, black & white, silent
director: Ovanes Gregory Ohanians. Camera: Georges Pavlov Potemkine. With: Habibollah Morad (Haji), Zoma Ohanians (Pari, his youngest daughter), Asia Qestanian (Parvin, his eldest daughter), Abbas Tahbaz (her fiancé).
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